Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yii (Yes, it is!)

Recently had time to play around with Yii and just about halfway on its guide. Coming from a Symfony background, hope I can catch on quickly with this framework.

Two years had gone by since the last time I've programmed with Symfony and reading through the Yii's guide make me wonder about the difficulties I encountered during that time on complex requirements. Honestly can't seem to recall any at this point yet.

I love the way guide is written. Many of the sections devote a few sentences or some to explain recommended practices, not just how something is done with the framework. I also think browser-based code generator, Gii, kicks ass. I miss Symfony's ability to generate database tables from schema descriptions and populate them with sample or backup data.

Oh, Yii also claims to be faster against the other popular PHP frameworks.


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