Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trip and Perl

It had been pretty busy the last few weeks. Never had time for playing around the lab. However, I had fun particularly at our company's team building activity. It was held in Samar, and it is a beautiful place there.

Yup, that's the Coding Avenue team right there in Caluwayan.

It was a good experience, and once again been reminded of my biggest bane... communication. As a child, I was always keeping to myself when hacking a problem and easily irritated when interrupted. Hrrmm, a very unsociable kid back then I was.

Well, what made me knowledgeable also turns out to be a problem. I've been keeping tabs to overcome this problem.

Anyway, through the trip I managed to finish reading 'Learning Perl'. I'll be looking for exercises to pound my Perl senses back, might also look at joining a project too. Here's a nice collection of Perl videos for anyone reading this:

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