Thursday, August 9, 2012

Linux-0 #1: Minix

I've always wanted to hack again on the Linux kernel, especially the earliest versions. Although I remember stumbling upon a commentary and another, a remake on version 0.01 some time ago, I've thought of trying to install a Minix system myself.
The release notes for the 0.01 archive mentions Minix 1.5.10 as the version Linus used when he first developed his kernel, but it seems 1.5 doesn't play nice with the emulators I've tried. Might as well settle for the last 1.x version, and after some scratching on the head I've got a complete Minix 1.7.5 system installed on a qemu pc.
The historic Linux kernels can be found here
The Minix 1.x installers can be found here
My Minix 1.7.5 system

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